How Mike Baur is Shaking Up Switzerland

Mike Baur has long been in the spotlight regarding his Swiss Startup Factory, and now publications have been referring to Baur as a Friborg. Having worked as a private banker for many years, he has now stirred the curiousity of private banks. This startup is more than a startup, made for startups. As the Co-Founder and managing partner of the SSUF, Baur is getting the attention of banks as he helps fellow entrepreneurs in their early startups, aiding them in finding the proper administrative guidance they need, along with the proper financing too.


This factory is what many refer to as the “rebuilding of Switzerland”. While Switzerland has always remained the core of financing along with London, it was still somewhat affected. Baur has found his voice in searching out how he can help young startups as they forge a path to building new businesses through helping these startups.


Baur’s mentor, Jean-Claude Biver, was a big help and fostered that desire within Baur to make this switch from his private banking career. It was his perpetual interest in the accelerator for startups that got the fire going inside Baur. With the help of others that are now turned ex-bankers, Baur is excited as they continue to build their program, focused on Fin-tech. This financial interest in the tech industry is a winning combination to get Switzerland in the lead for innovative businesses.


Baur was previously a private banker for USB, and investment banking firm in Geneva, Switzerland. Baur has acknowledged that there are other programs like the SSUF, however they are getting support from public authorities. Baur birthed this program out of the desire to start something that is private and independently managed. Now that jobs in the fin-tech industry comprise nearly 30% of the job market, Baur can see a bright future for his partners and the hungry entrepreneurs that they work with on a daily basis.


Baur admits that since he was young, he has always had the entrepreneurial spirit within him, anxious to create something bigger than himself. As a managing partner at UBS, he was a CEO just 8 years later for Clariden.


Innovation of ‘Smart’ Roads with Mike Heiligenstein

Traffic congestion is one of the leading traffic woes that require tech solutions. The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority recognizes the problem and uses multiple resources to build mobility solutions. According to the American-Statesman, Austin will experience increased traffic congestion, the more reason mobility solutions, whether in the form of roads or otherwise are needed as soon as possible.

The Mobility Authority firm is a locally accountable agency founded by the Williamson and Travis counties. Their mission is to use technology to innovate traffic congestion solutions.

Accomplishments of the Authority

The firm established the 183A Toll Road in Leander and Cedar Park. As a result, the local communities continue to experience exponential economic and social growth. They also set up the 290 Toll Road found between the Manor and Austin. The new path carries three times capacity of the previous road.

Plans for the Future

Mobility Authority company is building MoPac Express Lanes that will put on variable tolling measures that will assist in the management of the traffic flow. The MoPac Express Lanes will allow for the synchronization of supply and demand to enable a predictable traffic flow. The grant goal is to ensure that the vehicles in the lane are moving smoothly even at rush hour.

Also, Mobility Authority aspires to embed fiber lines along the new tech solutions (roads). This new venture will make the roads smart; such that vehicles can ‘talk’ to the infrastructure when traffic rules are broken e.g. when a car is on the wrong side.


Mobility Authority firm partners with the Metropia and have created a mobile app, which integrates traffic congestion monitoring systems to direct drivers and commuters to alternative routes. They are also encouraging commuters to share their ride to reduce congestion brought by lone drivers.

The success story of the Mobility Authority firm can never be told without mentioning Mike Heiligenstein. Mr. Heiligenstein joined the firm in 2003 and has grown the company from a startup to America’s leader in mobile traffic solutions. He is the current Chief Executive Director and an experienced professional in toll road operations. He has championed for the implementation of technologies such as all electronic tolling and video billing, which have increased mobile traffic solutions efficiency.

According to Crunchbase, Mike Heiligenstein is called upon to speak to groups and institutions about infrastructures and is known for his advocacies and provision of pedestrian facilities whenever possible. He has a degree in government administration from Texas University.

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George Street Photo and Video Captures the Heart of New York

What started out in a small basement on George Street has now grown to 40 cities and still counting. George Street Photo and Video Address NYC specialty is revealing the long lasting love people will create on their wedding day.

In New York, the magic of matrimony has to be captured. There’s no better brand than George Street!

George Street has serviced fiancés’ graduating into husbands and wives since 2004. They have seen many couples through their “I do’s” to the final tear. Services in New York include engagement photography, wedding videos, catalogue creations, venue selections, and more to ensure the bride and grooms to-be have the ultimate wedding experience.

Though prices are not visible on the site, an appointment can be scheduled to receive an in-depth look at all their services.

If you’re looking for the greatest story told about your wedding through excellent photojournalism, George Street’s New York photographers got you covered!


George Soros: Pushing the World toward Democracy

George Soros is widely known investor, business mogul, philanthropist, and author. He is made a great name for his business ingenuity and successes in the business world. George’s successful career is the fruition of his indefatigable struggle and an unimpeachable belief in his skills. He was born in Hungary during a time when the entire Europe was a cataclysmic time. Born to a Jewish family, Soros grew up to experience the vicious rise of Nazism and the World War II. He and his family survived the Nazis’ onslaught against Jews by producing counterfeit documents proving them of non-Jewish origins. Having survived the Nazis’ persecution, George was to face another authoritative regime at the helm of affairs in his country under the banner of Communists. With Communists gaining power in Hungary, Soros left the country to the UK and then to U.S., a country he made his second home where he currently lives.

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George Soros started from scratch and started various menial jobs after he left his country. First in the UK and then in the U.S., he worked in a bar and then drove a cab to escape substitution. Despite a humble beginning, he went on to become one of the top investors the country has ever seen. With an unremitting belief in his skills and perseverance, he developed a huge business set up and became one of the richest individuals in the U.S. It was because of his childhood experiences in Europe during the rise and fall of Nazism and Communism; he developed an interest in democratic ideas and human rights. He had seen the miseries of authoritarian regimes and the fate of common people under non-democratic governments. This led him to realize the importance of democracy and civil rights and also to found the Open Society Foundation.

Driven by his passion for democratic society and his firm belief in Karl Popper’s theorization of societal progress, George Soros founded the Open Society Foundation in 1979. He founded the Fund to promote and advocate the principles of democratic accountability, human rights, and freedom for people. The Open Society Foundation works in tandem with several organizations and advocacy groups throughout the world in a bid to promote democratic ideals and paving the way for a world where people enjoy their basic rights and liberties. The Foundation has been giving money to these ancillary groups and organization and has so far given $12 million in charity. The Foundation has been focusing on the areas of education of youth, good governance, and accountability in democratic countries. The Foundation also encourages youth leaders and community leaders by granting them scholarships, fellowships, and research grants. Read this story at about George Soros.

George Soros continues to funnel money into his Foundation to disseminate democracy and its associated ideals. George Soros is dedicated to help the oppressed and neglected sections of society by extending them help in realizing their freedom and rights. He is also passionate about bringing accountability to the center stage in democracies, where once elected to office, rulers abuse power and authority at the expense of the powerless voters. Learn more on Discover the Networks about George Soros.

Two Gurus And An Investment Portfolio

In 2008, Warren Buffet wagered a bet against a group of hedge fund managers that an S&P 500 index fund would do better than a portfolio of hedge funds in ten years. In 2017 all indications are that the billionaire investor will win the wager.

Buffett noted that active investors incur much higher expenses than index funds in their quest to outperform the market.His time-tested approach is bottom-up investing.

While commending Mr Buffet, Tim Amour the chairman and CEO of Capital Group and a contributor on CNBC’s website stated in a recent article that high management fees and excessive trading render many mutual funds non-viable in the long run.

Timothy Armour also stated that index funds have no protection against downturn markets.

Finally, he pointed out that the average actively managed fund has done worse than the market over meaningful time horizons.

Tim Armour was elected chairman of Capital Group in July 2015 following the passing of former chairman Jim Rothenberg. He is Chairman and CEO of Capital Research Management, chairman of the Capital Group Companies Management Committee and also equity portfolio manager according to CNBC.

As an Economics graduate fresh out of college, Tim Armour joined Capital Group in 1983. He was accepted into the Capital Group’s Associates Program where he would go on to work as an equity investment analyst. 34 years later, he is at the helm of affairs.

“Find active managers who earn their keep.” this is the philosophy Amour advocates. He says that fund managers need to be continually researching companies they have invested in as well as those they plan to invest in. He insists that they rely on in-depth analyses rather than on index funds.

Capital Group and Samsung Asset Management forged a partnership in 2015. The two companies will work together to resolve statistical issues, develop retirement solutions
and create investment products in Korea.

In August 2015 major financial upset across the globe mainly the crash in China’s Shanghai Composite triggered a huge selloff, while many investors feared the worst. Amour stated it was only a correction of the markets after the US had seen a six-year bull run. It turned out he was right.

International markets are currently experiencing rapid economic growth. Tim has noted that with the election of Donald Trump, the markets showed signs of fatigue. He warns of uncertainties that come with market regime changes.

Why Is EOS Lip Balm Considered To Be a Top Choice of Lip Balm Products?

EOS lip balm is a producer of lip balm products and has become well-renowned as being a top brand as its recent sales reports have shown that sales have exceeded that of both Blistex and Chapstick, two very prominent and well-known brands of lip balm. If you are not necessarily sure about what you can do to to keep your lips moisturized, then you should know that EOS lip balm is a great product that you should apply to your lips on a regular basis.

EOS lip balm products are great options for utilizing as lip moisturizers, as they keep one’s lips fully moisturized and prevents drying and cracking. Aside from utilizing EOS lip balm to keep one’s lip moisturized, it is highly imperative for individuals to ensure that they are staying hydrated on a regular basis. Proper hydration enables individuals to keep their body nourished. EOS lip balm should be applied regularly. Anyone who has experienced dried and/or cracked lips can attest to how painful it can be. There may be bleeding and blisters as well. This is why hydration and applying lip balm are crucial elements of staying healthy. If you would like to read more about EOS lip balm, then you may be able to benefit by reading through the available reviews, as they should give you enough information pertaining to the particular product, Although other brands of lip balm are available, it is important to know that EOS lip balm is one that has proven itself to be a great choice, especially due to how many sales there have been. One should not neglect maintaining the health and conditions of their lips, as they are tremendous contributors of essential well-being. Be sure to check out the EOS Lip balm products next time you are in the Target supermarket, gas station, or pharmacy.

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Fabletics vs. Amazon

Fabletics is an awesome clothing company for women that are looking for athletic gear. This is the type of company that is flirting in a wonderful way because there’s so much social media promotion about it. Kate Hudson is one of the co-founders, and she has done an excellent job of recruiting other celebrities that are fans of her brand. She has a supermodel friend by the name of Chrissy Teigen that has stated that this will be the only athletic clothing that she uses for working out. This is a powerful statement to make, and it reaches a number of different women. Chrissy Teigen is the wife of John Legend, so music fans that are following Chrissy and John will learn about Fabletics even if they were not intentionally looking to hear anything about athletic clothing. This is the power of social media, and Kate Hudson is well aware that this may be exactly what she needs to compete with Amazon.


This Amazon websites is where everything appears to be sold through some vendors. So many things are being sold on this website. It can be difficult to even find something on this website of bountiful products. That is the reason that so many people are going to try Fabletics instead of Amazon. It has become the website that has been associated with nothing but athletic clothing.


Fabletics is heading down the same road in terms of valuation, and Kate Hudson is one of the main reasons for this. She has proven that she has the skills and the passion to take Fabletics to a wide range of consumers even if it means putting her acting career on hold. Fabletics is the company that has managed to reach a whole new crowd of consumers quickly.


There are a ton of companies out there that are selling athletic clothing. It is obvious that Kate Hudson has a lot of competition. She is making it possible for people to buy clothes that are fashionable. That is the difference between her workout gear and the clothes that are sold by other companies. This is a company that is going to be around for a while if Kate Hudson has anything to say about it. She has been able to bring forth a lot of line of clothes that was different from everything else. Fabletics changed the game, and Amazon must catch up.



Sawyer Howitt’s Early Introduction To Entrepreneurship

As the son of an entrepreneur, Sawyer Howitt was introduced to it at a very early age. Now a senior at Lincoln High School in Portland, Oregon, he joined his father’s company, Meriwether Group, in his junior year. He first worked as a Business Strategy Analyst which helped him further develop his skills at developing complex spreadsheets, financial plans, marketing, and giving presentations. He was recently promoted to the position of Project Manager where he provides advisory services on business development and strategic vision.

Meriwether Group is a company that works with entrepreneurs and offers them capital, business acceleration, and exit strategy consultation services. Sawyer Howitt is gathering valuable experience as an entrepreneur not just from his father but also the team at Meriwether Group and the entrepreneurs they have as clients.

Sawyer Howitt is planning to attend Columbia University in the city of New York. This university has a nationally recognized Entrepreneurial Finance degree program that he intends to graduate from. The work he is doing now is meant to prepare him for this degree so that he successfully completes it and then pursue a career as an entrepreneur.

Outside of school and work, Sawyer Howitt also volunteers his time as a tutor to other students. He specializes in math and science and has helped many students at Lincoln High School increase their understanding of these subjects and boost their grades. Other interests Sawyer Howitt has includes photography, racquetball, the Portland Trail Blazers, and fishing in the rivers that flow around the city of Portland.

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Bernardo Chua Establishes Natural Selection Of Coffee Through Organo


Bernardo Chua is a prominent business professional hailing from the Philippines. He made a name for himself through his through his commitment in the marketing field. Being multi-skilled in marketing, he was appointed the executive chairman at Gano Excel. This was his first official role in the marketing field.

Three years into the business, Bernardo Chua assisted Gano Excel in its expansion to other states like Hong Kong as well as Canada. Eventually, he saw Gano Excel expand its services to America. PR Newswire revealed that Bernardo Chua relocated to California. He was appointed the president for Organo, United States branch. He oversaw the marketing of products through Ganoderma as a component in them. The products have capsules and instant coffee.

Organo Established

In 2008, Bernardo established his company called ORGANO GOLD. This was a dream come true situation for him. It is a group of businesses functioning under the name of Organo Gold as well as Coffee Connoisseur. With a vision to trade a range of fine coffee brands, he has accomplished one of his dreams.

He promoted and sold his products through a strongly established networked platform at the wholesale level. The products are then provided to consumers at a standard retail price. The company brings the natural treasures of the earth to consumers. Learn more about Bernardo Chua:

Roles In The Community

On 23rd August 2016, Bernardo highlighted his passion and plight for elevating customers through a rewards program called the Organo Gold. The program is tailored to award most of its frequent buyers. The mechanism behind the program is awarding 25% discount for every Organo purchased as well as the products associated with the company.

Additionally, the Organo program has an automatic shipment for its clients every month. During the launching of the program, Bernardo said that that was a marketing tool that capitalizes on offering their customers and independent distributors the chance to have a diversified platform for expanding the business.


Bernardo Chua’s accomplishment in the field of marketing is very encouraging to many business prospects across the world.

His passion for bringing natural products like coffee to the market empower entrepreneurs to invest in natural products for consumption because shoppers prefer purchasing products that have been tested to have no adverse side effects to health.

Using the Internet to Teach Religion and Culture

The internet has reduced distance and has enabled secure communication. Communication brings people from different cultures and various nations together. The internet is a channel that has increased connectivity. The Kabbalah Centre has exploited the nature of the internet. Kabbalah Centre is an educational institution that shares the information about the Jewish culture and beliefs. Its headquarters is in Los Angeles and was founded by Phillip Berg. This platform has enabled people to find purpose, restore their peace in difficult times, and has facilitated people to believe and develop faith in its teachings.

Kabbalah does not overlook any faith as opposed to many religions around the world. It teaches on the different social spheres in an individual’s life. Kabbalah does not teach on the different supreme beings. It derives its foundation on the natural bodies such as the moon, the stars, and the sun. Kabbalah is mostly Christian related. It is based on Christian beliefs and conducts ritual such as prayers. The Kabbalah Institute teaches people to understand and depend on a supernatural being. They are taught to comprehend their purpose through God’s perspectives. Its knowledge generates sense into life as it teaches about God, Sex, Light, and some supernatural signs and their meanings. Kabbalah has enrolled over 5,000 people.

The Institute gives back to the society by offering opportunities for employment to different people as teachers. The institute has developed different platforms that can give back to the society by volunteering. They enable the people to develop skills and be part of a lasting impact on the community. This makes people understand that there is a higher reason for existence. It is a test of selflessness for individuals. It develops the need to be part of a solution to a society that praises individualism. The people who have gone through Kabbalah’s curriculum have found peace in devastating situations. They have found a higher identity and have learned to feed their faith to grow into a deeper level. Kabbalah is a place of identifying oneself and feeding faith. It has been of great significance to people in society.