Personality Profiles: The Achievement of Lori Senecal

When people look at Lori Senecal, they see a talented advertiser and great leader. When they look at her life story, they are going to see someone who has overcome so much and accomplished a lot for herself. Lori Senecal is one of the top advertisers in the industry. She has ran more than one business in advertising and has brought each of them into a greater level of success. One thing that people are going to notice is the difference in her way of doing business compared to other advertisers. She puts a lot of energy into the work she does and wastes no time with irrelevant talk.


Behind all of this hardworking and efficient exterior is someone who describes herself as a shy introvert. Given that she is shy and introverted, many people would’ve expected her to run out of the advertising business because it is a business that is run by big personalities and emotionally expressive men. It is also a rather chaotic environment. However, Lori Senecal has proven to be very creative when it comes to her strengths and limitations. She shows that there is a lot of room for the calm, collected and diligent leader. Check out huffingtonpost for more.



Lori Senecal’s experience with leadership goes all the way back to when she was a child. She was coaching gymnastics. She has taken everything she has learned about being a leader from this experience. Then she has looked into what she wants to do for a career. This is what has gotten her into advertising. While she has stepped into a loud environment, she has used her introverted nature to redirect her energy towards coming up with some loud advertising campaigns for people to enjoy. The results have turned out to be impressive in that many clients have watched their business grow with the campaigns from CP+B.


Lori has also appeared on television and different programs throughout the media and has shared insights when it comes to different topics such as advertising. She is a prominent leader in the business of advertising. She has proven that she can run with some of the rest of the leaders.


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How Penelope Kokkinides’s Company InnovaCare Health Is Aiding Puerto Rico

When Penelope Kokkinides sat down with President Trump to discuss the harsh realities thousands of citizens are still facing after five months since Hurricane Maria, no one knew what the outcome would be.


Yes, it has been nearly half a year. And much work has been done in that time to remake the island into what it once was before the natural disaster of Maria swept through and redesigned the format of how the country looks. Water now resides in lakes and rivers and streams, no longer flooding the roadways of towns and lawns of what use to be green plush front yards of homeowners. Plumbing and electricity are back up and running. Hundreds of thousands of people that went without housing, at least now have a secure shelter to call their home. With all of these major improvements, three out of ten people on the island are still suffering from the impoverished lifestyle they were forced to live after the effects of Hurricane Maria.


Food, shelter, and transportation are some of the very first things that come to mind when people think about what these residents are lacking and needing. But what about medical? Dozens of clinics were forced to shut down, if not torn down by Maria. Residents are in desperate need of getting seen, diagnosed and treated by medical professionals.


InnovaCare Health manages healthcare services and is the largest provider of healthcare in Puerto Rico. They are funded by federal programs like Medicare and Medicaid. On the island, the healthcare provider diagnoses patients treats them, gives out prescriptions and works to establish a better health regimen and more stable lifestyle for those directly influenced by the hurricane. The healthcare company’s chief administrative officer Penelope Kokkinides saw a problem and went to President Trump about it. Funding for medical relief in Puerto Rico has been cut every year. On average, one billion dollars gets cut from the budget every year. In her meeting with the president, she mentioned this unequal budget cut, especially when compared to the amount of medical funding the contiguous states receive. She also mentioned how important women were in helping meet the needs of Puerto Rico’s residents. Women made up nurses, doctors and pharmacists working in the many mobile clinics treating patients all over the island.


Betsy DeVos: Building a Future with School Choice Programs

Did your child ever tell you that they wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer? Chances are, you or your children have big dreams for the future. It might include a fancy job in an exciting city or maybe you just want them to be able to get by and be happy. The problem is that both of these dreams may not be entirely possible with the current state of the education system within America. Secretary of State Betsy DeVos spent her time before her appointment to this position advocating for an overhaul of the education system. She explains to Philanthropy Roundtable that now that she is in the position to make some of those changes, she has become more of an advocate for them. She sees the bigger picture when it comes to America’s children, and it is going to be within the school choice initiatives that she has been pushing for much of her career.


When talking about that fancy job that your child might want in the future, do you think it’s possible that they can gain the foundational knowledge and learning skills necessary from their public school system? While there are some students that can easily learn any type of information that they are given, there are other children that struggle to learn was in the standard learning style. They are just as smart as their counterparts, they simply need the material given to them in a different way. Unfortunately, the public school system is not adapted to these types of students or they are simply teaching in a way that will serve the most students at the same time. This is not a good standard of learning, and it definitely leaves a large portion of the American children behind when it comes to testing or any other types of standardized scoring.


Betsy DeVos explains that with school choice, parents can select the type of education that their children receive. They can look at facilities that are not centered around their school district, and possibly find something that is better for their children. This is an intriguing option for many parents who have children that struggle with their schoolwork every single day. Wouldn’t it be nicer for those parents to be able to enroll their children into a program where teachers have more time to address these specific issues and assist the children with the information in a way that is graspable to them?


She tells her interviewers that the prospects for school choice of never been better. Over 250,000 new students entered programs all over the country and express hope in their new programs. Parents to feel as though they have been given more of an option when it comes to their children’s goals. Perhaps, enrolling your child in a program that is centered around these types of goals will help them meet them. Children should be given every opportunity to prove themselves and become what their parents have always believed they can be. These programs will help them.


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Tony Petrello Early Education

Tony Petrello is a top corporate executive in the United States. He heads Nabors industries as the CEO. He joined this company in 1991 as the COO and became the CEO in 2011. The story of his growth is inspiring. To be a leader of a multinational such as Nabors Industries does not come easy. One must have shown the capability to deliver for the organization he or she is working for.

As CEO of Nabors, Tony Petrello was initially picked because he had demonstrated to Nabors that he could change the situation in the company. True to the projection of the management then, he has not disappointed. He has delivered for the company better than they could have guessed. However, to see what makes Tony Petrello productive, one needs to look at his life even before he joined Nabors Industries.

Tony Petrello was born in Newark, New Jersey. He attended public schools in the area since his parents could not afford to take him to a private school. According to his former classmates, he had an outgoing attitude. He was always willing to speak on subjects that were important to him. He was comfortable speaking his mind without caring whether others would judge him. Tony was also known for having a sense of humor. Whenever he had an opportunity to talk, he articulated his points in a way that stood out among the rest.

In high school, Tony Petrello became very popular for his ability in math. He was a genius who would spend tie writing equations that no other student could even fathom. He would not live in obscurity for a long time, his talent was noted by the Yale University who offered him an opportunity to study at their institution. He was awarded a scholarship to study a degree in mathematics and also be mentored by another math genius at the university known as Professor Serge Lang.

Together, they worked in proving various math formulas and penning math books in different subjects in math disciplines. They worked together until when Tony Petrello decided that he would no longer be pursuing mathematics, he dropped out and joined Harvard Law School. He, however, did not leave Yale University before making another remarkable achievement in his life. He met and married his wife, Cynthia. Today, Cynthia is one of the main supporters of his work in philanthropy. Together, they have worked on various philanthropic initiatives.

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Having done many real estate projects, Boraie Development has grown to be one of the most reputable companies. The reputation is attributed to many factors which include the ability to provide a diverse range of services in real estate development. It is made up of staff workers who are differently equipped to use their skills and knowledge in whichever sector to ensure everything is done to its best.

According to patch, the company also emphasizes on the virtue of teamwork as its major skill to better services. Therefore, everyone at Boraie Development works as a team with guidance and self-motivation to be at the possible highest level of working. For this reason, the company has gained a reputation. Fore years now due to the great works it does. It has worked with another specialist who is again to the channel of growth to the company.

Moreover, the company has been able to acquire many contracts as the services provided are excellent. This is because the company believes in the character of putting their customers first to achieve their goals. Besides, the customer’s interest is what will guide the company to know how to go about the property development. Therefore, the spirit of the people at heart is a motivator for growth.

The good work done by the company has prompted many investors to collaborate or even give the company the privilege to develop their properties. It has therefore worked with many people in many projects making the business sector as well as the economy to improve gradually.

Some few years back the company got one of the largest contracts which enabled the company to be known by many. It had the opportunity to partner with Sam Boraie in developing an investment venture in the city. The project aimed to change the lives of many as it would provide many rentals in an extensive story building. It opened doors for more investors to work with the company as well as Shaquille to do more business with the Boraie Development.

Therefore, it is evident that the real estate development company brings glory to both its client and even the nation. This is because it can invest boosting the economy as well as change the face of the country by building up projects which enable growth. They are of importance to the society as people get to reside and others invest ensuring growth in all aspects including the social aspect, physical and economic among others. For more info you can checkout



Clay Siegall- Achieving Success against Tough Odds

The Seattle Genetics world headquarters in Bothell’s Cascade Park is a cluster of beautiful beige of buildings with no indication of edgy science. But building three lobbies has green triangular sculpture showcasing its geek cred and designed with Lego bricks with a simplified beauty of human antibody.

The human antibodies at the Seattle Genetics have been manipulating, studying and packaging of drugs since its inception in 1998 and just like the Lego bricks the company power of antibodies resides within each other and the ability to swiftly connect with other things. The antibody uses therapy to deliver the toxic payload directly into a personas cancer cell hence destroying them from inside.

The company boasts of the market value of more than 10 billion dollars with a roaster of nine hundred employees globally, and it’s ranked in Washington amongst the biggest biotech. Seattle Genetics main ambition is to graduate from a biotech company to one of the biggest pharmacies globally with its substantial investment in marketing and research and its ability to add 200 trained and expert’s employee. The company flagship drug Adcetrics is known to treat Hodgkin lymphoma, cancer that affects the lymph system and quickly spreads all over to other body organs.

According to Clay Siegall, president, chief executive officer, chairman and the co-founder of the Seattle Genetics, the company is emerging globally offering various multi products. He states that his desire is for the company to move from biotech and focus more on drug development hence handling of more complex and newer drugs in the international market. The company recently opened offices in Switzerland with the aim of doing its international marketing making it a sign of global commitment. The company has 11 drugs in the pipeline with Adcetrics already approved by (FDA) Food and Drug Administration and Siegall predicts a sale of more than 1 billion annually.

Dr. Siegall with others in 1998 started the Seattle Genetics, and he holds the highest positions and also seats on Board of Directors. Under the leadership of Clay Siegall, the company has in pipeline various antibody therapies for cancer that includes the brentuximab vedotin approved in 2011 by FDA. Dr. Clay Siegall also guided the company to secure private and public financing of 675 million dollars during its 2001 initial public offering. He has Genetics Ph.D. from the University of George Washington, and from the University of Maryland he holds Zoology B.S., and he serves on various private Biotechnologies as the board of director. He owns at least 15 patents and has authored 70 publications.

Betsy DeVos -On Topic Article

No one has polarized the education reform argument more than US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. After her appointment by Donald Trump, many in education protested and accused DeVos of wanting to fund private education. Is that really the case? There are some facts missing.


From a very early age, Betsy DeVos was drawn to education. As a teacher, her mother was an inspiration and showed her how there were no choices for some children who were stuck going to schools that didn’t meet their interests or capabilities. Under Donald Trump’s platform, school choice finally had a voice. DeVos has always been an advocate for educational choice and had tried to pass legislation in Michigan to get more options for educational choice throughout her political career.


DeVos has been a school choice advocate in Michigan since before November 2000, when she and her husband Dick DeVos supported a ballot initiative that supposed Michigan students living in a failing student district to at go a non-public school of their choice. The idea was to graduate at least two-thirds of the children and provide $3,000 in scholarships to parents who wanted to send their children to private choice schools.


However, the legislation failed to pass and DeVos looked elsewhere. As she has frequently stated in interviews, school choice provides options for parents who know that their children aren’t getting a good education in the public school system.


Education reform isn’t a new topic. Ever since the 1980s and the Reagan Administration’s report on American schools, education leaders have been trying to resolve the issues that plague the public school system. Standardized testing seemed to be the answer, and throughout the 1990s and 2000s, it continues to show improvement in reading and math. However, those numbers are statistically low on a global scale.


DeVos supports reforms like tax credits, vouchers, and education savings accounts because they have been shown to help students go to a school where they can get the education that they deserve. People are now moving towards this idea because the public opinion has changed on the American school system in general. To be fair, it hasn’t been successful.


However, DeVos is also a supporter of charter schools and has tried unsuccessfully to move public funding into private schools before with her legislation in Michigan. DeVos supports all non-public school alternatives, which means that charter schools are also among the choices for students. She believes that students need to have more options than just public schools, including virtual schools, magnet schools, homeschooling, and charter schools.


DeVos is not the only one who supports this idea. Her campaign has been funded by some of the top names in technology, including Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame and Bill Gates. However, both Democrats and Republicans worry that she will not have enough oversight in the long run and will support too much deregulation for American education.


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Brown Modeling Agency Nurtures Top Talent

Getting started in any industry can be a challenge, but many people looking to become a model face an uphill battle. That’s where Brown Modeling Agency comes in.


The agency, based in Austin, Texas, is a small and dedicated modeling firm that nurtures over 450 “talents” to top success in the modeling world. They’re working with the best: Brown Modeling Agency is the brainchild of Justin Brown, who got his start modeling jeans in the 1980s. After he modeled for several years, Justin then turned his attention to development and placement – training models for success and then placing them in good modeling jobs.


Justin Brown is good at what he does. There is just a staff of seven at the Brown Modeling Agency, but its models have appeared in ad spots for such prominent companies as Hilton Rewards, Ford Cars, and T-Mobile. As Justin Brown puts it, the Brown Modeling Agency might hire local, but it has a national outlook. The Brown Agency has successfully brought a big market vibe to the Texas fashion scene.

The Brown Modeling Agency was born after Wilhelmina Brown acquired Heyman Talent South, then re-launched as the Brown Agency. There are offices in Los Angeles and Dallas. Michael B. Bonnée, Heyman Talent South’s local lead, came with the agency when it was acquired. He is responsible for developing and managing the Brown Agency’s theatrical modeling division. Check out their website



Just a glance at the Instagram page for the Brown Agency will show you how proud the modeling firm is of its talent, and how much it really looks out for their success. The agency will announce new bookings its models have landed. The Brown Agency models are also very supportive of one another, often commenting on each other’s posts after one of them has landed a major gig.


The Brown Agency regularly posts announcements about its open calls on its social media channels. Open calls take place every Wednesday between 3 and 4 pm.


In addition to print and video ads, Brown Agency models have walked in some of the world’s biggest fashion shows, including New York Fashion Week and Miami Swim Week.






Securus Technologies, Taking Communications to the Next Level

Securus Technologies is a company that’s making a difference in the field of corrections. The company has over 30 years’ experience and is based in Carrollton, Texas. Being an industry leader, the company has acquired numerous companies throughout its history. Most recently are JPay and GovPayNet. Staying ahead in the industry means that Securus Technologies must also stay ahead of the curve in innovation. The recent acquisitions are helping to develop a new technology known as a Wireless Containment System. The devices are used as a cellular network; however, they block the signal to prevent a call from being connected.


WCS devices have been deemed as a necessity by correctional facility staff and executives. The problem occurs when contraband cell phones are brought into facilities. The wireless devices are brought in through a variety of methods. Visitors, employees, packages, and even drones have been used to get the devices into the hands of inmates. The problem has become so serious that an infant’s murder and many crimes have been traced back to these devices. Preventing this type of communication will inevitably make institutions safer.


Someone who can attest to the dangers of illegal inmate communications is Robert Johnson. Being a former corrections officer, his job was to confiscate contraband. Having confiscated a package of high monetary value; he was made a target of the inmate gang that was affected. He was shot in his home six times and barely made it out alive. Fortunately, Johnson was able to protect his wife from being injured. He’s made it his life’s goal to require WCS technology in facilities. He currently works with Securus Technologies as a consultant. Working to make the devices required by law, he’s dedicated to reducing violent crimes instigated by illegal wireless devices. His efforts have been highly successful, and the devices are currently being introduced into more facilities. Over a million calls and messages have already been intercepted, indicating the WCS’ extraordinary effectiveness.


While Securus Technologies’ technology has been the focus recently; the company has succeeded in customer service as well. Over 95 percent of customers report being satisfied with their experience. The Better Business Bureau has also noticed the improvements. Gaining full accreditation and an “A+” rating is yet another recent accomplishment of Securus Technologies. The company has also been able to resolve customer concerns effectively, with over 99 percent of inquiries being resolved in just one call. Despite all the recent recognition, the company remains focused on its customer’s needs. Connecting people is Securus’ specialty and remains their top priority.


The Incredible Achievements Of Sussex Health Care

Sussex Health Care is one of the best organizations that has impacted the lives of many people positively. The main aim of the organization is to improve the living standard of the members of the society. It has contributed greatly to the treatment of people with mental disabilities or illness.

Sussex Health Care is reputed all over the world for its high-quality healthcare provision to the elderly in the community. For over two decades, the company has been offering specialized care to the elderly and the mentally ill. Sussex Health Care is composed of highly qualified employees who are committed to offering the best services with the aim of achieving the company’s goals. The professionals are from different fields and are experienced to serve in their areas of expertise. It has the best-trained staffs with the capability to offer the required needs to the patients.

Sussex Health Care has provided help to people with the problems of dementia, neurological disorders, and people with learning problems. It has established about 18 Care Homes with 500 beds. The institution has worn various awards due to its exceptional performance. The organization was founded by a team of professionals headed by Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani. They currently chair the organization. Sussex Health Care ensures that the health of the elderly is maintained by providing them with a balanced diet. It has employed qualified chefs who understand the excellent food for the elderly. They also offer medications to patients who have Parkinson Disease and Multiple Sclerosis.

The organization is also lauded for offering job opportunities to the public with a good salary, good working environment, and the best leadership. Recently, the organization advertised for the position of Registered Mental Health Nurses. The suitable applicant will take the responsibility of all the activities in the Dementia Unit. The position of the Senior Care Assistant is also vacant; a well trained professional with experience is needed to fill the vacancy. The duties of the Senior Care Assistant will be to do induction programs for new employees and to provide care to service users. The position of Deputy Managers is also currently vacant, the duty of the Deputy Managers will be to assist the Registered Managers in performing the daily operations of the organization. All the employees are entitled to good remuneration and other allowances. It is the best working environment that any employee, especially medical doctors, can wish to work at for the rest of their carrier life.

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