The New Generation Homes Developed by Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is an entrepreneur who owns his company called Global Ventures. The firm is involved in providing smart homes to clients. A smart home is a home with technology, for example, having a smart lighting system. The technology allows a person to turn off or on the lights from a smart phone app. The smart technology was something which in the past was thought impossible to achieve. George H. Bucher wrote an article about The Electric Home of Tomorrow. He had foreseen how people would be using short waves to command systems in their homes including opening doors when visitors came.

Today, many of Bucher’s dreams came to pass such as HEPA filters, lighting systems, air conditioning and even doorbells system that trip motion sensors when people are close enough. Bucher also had the idea of houses that would talk back to their owners. The idea has also come to pass with the new voice activated digital. The technology assists a person in ordering pizza, send emails, turn a reading lamp or even book a cleaning service. Todd Lubar deals with the smart technologies that make things easier when it comes to commanding systems in houses. The technology is also beneficial to challenged people. An individual in a wheelchair can now do things for themselves with the use room gadgetry.

The technology helps when it comes to emotional empowerment, and this is because it gives power. Power is gained when the disabled can do so much on their own without help from anyone else. Todd explains that the technology is necessary in this emerging technology world, especially for the young people who are growing up and advancing in technology. Todd has changed some parts of Baltimore into smart houses, and people love it. The prices are also affordable giving his home an added advantage. The technology has a few limitations, but Todd and his team will have the solutions with time.

Ideamensch describes Todd as someone who has the skill in this field making him the best real estate entrepreneur. He combines technology with real estate practices to come up with the best homes. Todd attained his education at Syracuse University. He is also a family man, and he loves spending time with his family when he is not at work. Read more about Todd on

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