How Kevin Seawright Became A Leader In The Baltimore Community?

An expert in managing the finances of municipalities and companies, Kevin Seawright is now using this knowledge to help first-time homebuyers in Baltimore who have faced challenges qualifying for a mortgage. He established RPS Solutions LLC which buys homes, renovates them, and sells them for affordable prices to people who want to own their first home.

He was a public finance leader for the city of Baltimore for over a decade. He began is his career in public service by working for the parks and recreation department. He worked to improve the quality of the city’s parks while deftly managing his department’s finances. He also managed the finances of the Baltimore public school system later in his career which included improving the district’s bussing and providing additional resources to school administrators. Find out more about Kevin at Market Insider.

He left public service and joined Washington D.C.’s Tito Contractors. He managed the multimillion-dollar budget that was used to build several housing projects. Kevin Seawright also worked for the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation as the CFO and V.P. where he successfully raised funds to build housing developments.

In May 2018, he was able to partner RPS Solutions with the National Community Stabilization Trust (NCST). This partnership is designed to accelerate the pace of low and middle-income people being able to buy homes in Baltimore. RPS Solutions can buy available residential properties in Baltimore before they are made available to purchases by the general public. These are homes that had been foreclosed on and vacant for an extended length of time.

Kevin Seawright has given back to the community of Baltimore in other ways as well. For Christmas 2017 he led a toy drive at the Christ Haven Pentecostal Church which also featured a luncheon free to the public. He brightened up the holidays for many families by providing gifts to children who otherwise might not have received any.

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