Innovation of ‘Smart’ Roads with Mike Heiligenstein

Traffic congestion is one of the leading traffic woes that require tech solutions. The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority recognizes the problem and uses multiple resources to build mobility solutions. According to the American-Statesman, Austin will experience increased traffic congestion, the more reason mobility solutions, whether in the form of roads or otherwise are needed as soon as possible.

The Mobility Authority firm is a locally accountable agency founded by the Williamson and Travis counties. Their mission is to use technology to innovate traffic congestion solutions.

Accomplishments of the Authority

The firm established the 183A Toll Road in Leander and Cedar Park. As a result, the local communities continue to experience exponential economic and social growth. They also set up the 290 Toll Road found between the Manor and Austin. The new path carries three times capacity of the previous road.

Plans for the Future

Mobility Authority company is building MoPac Express Lanes that will put on variable tolling measures that will assist in the management of the traffic flow. The MoPac Express Lanes will allow for the synchronization of supply and demand to enable a predictable traffic flow. The grant goal is to ensure that the vehicles in the lane are moving smoothly even at rush hour.

Also, Mobility Authority aspires to embed fiber lines along the new tech solutions (roads). This new venture will make the roads smart; such that vehicles can ‘talk’ to the infrastructure when traffic rules are broken e.g. when a car is on the wrong side.


Mobility Authority firm partners with the Metropia and have created a mobile app, which integrates traffic congestion monitoring systems to direct drivers and commuters to alternative routes. They are also encouraging commuters to share their ride to reduce congestion brought by lone drivers.

The success story of the Mobility Authority firm can never be told without mentioning Mike Heiligenstein. Mr. Heiligenstein joined the firm in 2003 and has grown the company from a startup to America’s leader in mobile traffic solutions. He is the current Chief Executive Director and an experienced professional in toll road operations. He has championed for the implementation of technologies such as all electronic tolling and video billing, which have increased mobile traffic solutions efficiency.

According to Crunchbase, Mike Heiligenstein is called upon to speak to groups and institutions about infrastructures and is known for his advocacies and provision of pedestrian facilities whenever possible. He has a degree in government administration from Texas University.

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