Who Is Igor Cornelsen?

Igor Cornelson was born in the city of Curitiba, Brazil. He was the son of an engineer. After graduating high school, he was off to the Federal University of Parana. The university is considered one of Brazil’s best engineering schools. At the time that Cornelsen went to college, young adults did not have much say in what they studied. If they were expecting financial assistance from their parents, they studied what their parents told them to study. Cornelsen did study engineering for two years and decided that it was not for him. This is when his second major, economic, became his primary interest of study. Though, the math he did learn while studying engineering, did come in handy throughout the years.

After finishing his degree, we went straight to work in the banking industry. Calculators were not widely used at this time, and Cornelsen was able to work out complicated calculations by hand. Things like figuring out interest came naturally to him. He was employed by an investment banking firm, and next on his resume was a board position at Multibanco and then the company’s CEO. His stay there was rather brief thanks to a buyout by Bank of America. He spent time at an engineering firm and over the years is resume and experience continued to grow.

In 1995, Cornelsen started his own investment company. He enjoys giving others advice and with all of his experience, he made a great investment manager. He has since retired to Florida, but that has not slowed him down. He is still willing to talk about investments to anyone who is willing to listen. He will especially talk about all the investment opportunities that there are in his home country of Brazil. He believes that there is no magic trick to becoming a successful investor. It is all about finding the best markets for your money.