How Has Robert Ivy Contributed To The Spread Of Global Architectural Awareness?

Robert Ivy has dedicated his life to spreading awareness about architecture, locally and internationally. This has seen him receive recognition and awards from different architectural and non-architectural institutions like the Mississippi Institute of arts and letters that recently awarded him with the prestigious lifetime award. But what has been his contributions towards this course?

Authorship and publication
In 2001, Robert Ivy published Fay Jones: Architect. The authoritative biography follows the works of one of the most successful American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, showcasing his famous designs and other contributions to the industry. The masterpiece that is now in its third publication has received global readership and praise with the Art Library of North America recognizing it time and again for its “Highest standards of scholarship, design, and production.”

Robert is also considered one of the greatest architectural publishers and editors. He started off as the Editor-In-Chief of McGraw-Hill architectural journal. His leadership skills would help the Architectural Record, a journal by McGraw Hill become the most read architectural publication in the world. He also ensured that it reached different markets across the world, including China by pioneering its translation into the leading international languages like Mandarin.

Leading American Institute of Architecture
In 2011, Robert Ivy was appointed the Chief Executive Officer and board chairman for the American Institute of Architecture (AIA). His leading contributions at the institute include boating its membership across the country and opening up more local chapters. For instance, the institute has achieved record membership since its establishment over 100 years ago.

Robert Ivy’s contributions to architecture have not gone unnoticed. He is constantly receiving awards and recognition from both local and international institutions for his leadership and dedication to architecture. For instance, the Alpha Rio Chi architectural fraternity considers him a Master Architect for his “effectiveness in communicating the value of design.” He also holds the Crain Award, the highest form of recognition to an individual by the American Business Media.

Bottom line
Having been actively involved in the architectural industry for the past three decades, Robert Ivy’s name will forever be arched in the books of history for his leadership and dedication to the art. His contribution as an author, publisher, business leader, and practicing architect continue to inspire many upcoming architects across the world.