Having done many real estate projects, Boraie Development has grown to be one of the most reputable companies. The reputation is attributed to many factors which include the ability to provide a diverse range of services in real estate development. It is made up of staff workers who are differently equipped to use their skills and knowledge in whichever sector to ensure everything is done to its best.

According to patch, the company also emphasizes on the virtue of teamwork as its major skill to better services. Therefore, everyone at Boraie Development works as a team with guidance and self-motivation to be at the possible highest level of working. For this reason, the company has gained a reputation. Fore years now due to the great works it does. It has worked with another specialist who is again to the channel of growth to the company.

Moreover, the company has been able to acquire many contracts as the services provided are excellent. This is because the company believes in the character of putting their customers first to achieve their goals. Besides, the customer’s interest is what will guide the company to know how to go about the property development. Therefore, the spirit of the people at heart is a motivator for growth.

The good work done by the company has prompted many investors to collaborate or even give the company the privilege to develop their properties. It has therefore worked with many people in many projects making the business sector as well as the economy to improve gradually.

Some few years back the company got one of the largest contracts which enabled the company to be known by many. It had the opportunity to partner with Sam Boraie in developing an investment venture in the city. The project aimed to change the lives of many as it would provide many rentals in an extensive story building. It opened doors for more investors to work with the company as well as Shaquille to do more business with the Boraie Development.

Therefore, it is evident that the real estate development company brings glory to both its client and even the nation. This is because it can invest boosting the economy as well as change the face of the country by building up projects which enable growth. They are of importance to the society as people get to reside and others invest ensuring growth in all aspects including the social aspect, physical and economic among others. For more info you can checkout



Clay Siegall- Achieving Success against Tough Odds

The Seattle Genetics world headquarters in Bothell’s Cascade Park is a cluster of beautiful beige of buildings with no indication of edgy science. But building three lobbies has green triangular sculpture showcasing its geek cred and designed with Lego bricks with a simplified beauty of human antibody.

The human antibodies at the Seattle Genetics have been manipulating, studying and packaging of drugs since its inception in 1998 and just like the Lego bricks the company power of antibodies resides within each other and the ability to swiftly connect with other things. The antibody uses therapy to deliver the toxic payload directly into a personas cancer cell hence destroying them from inside.

The company boasts of the market value of more than 10 billion dollars with a roaster of nine hundred employees globally, and it’s ranked in Washington amongst the biggest biotech. Seattle Genetics main ambition is to graduate from a biotech company to one of the biggest pharmacies globally with its substantial investment in marketing and research and its ability to add 200 trained and expert’s employee. The company flagship drug Adcetrics is known to treat Hodgkin lymphoma, cancer that affects the lymph system and quickly spreads all over to other body organs.

According to Clay Siegall, president, chief executive officer, chairman and the co-founder of the Seattle Genetics, the company is emerging globally offering various multi products. He states that his desire is for the company to move from biotech and focus more on drug development hence handling of more complex and newer drugs in the international market. The company recently opened offices in Switzerland with the aim of doing its international marketing making it a sign of global commitment. The company has 11 drugs in the pipeline with Adcetrics already approved by (FDA) Food and Drug Administration and Siegall predicts a sale of more than 1 billion annually.

Dr. Siegall with others in 1998 started the Seattle Genetics, and he holds the highest positions and also seats on Board of Directors. Under the leadership of Clay Siegall, the company has in pipeline various antibody therapies for cancer that includes the brentuximab vedotin approved in 2011 by FDA. Dr. Clay Siegall also guided the company to secure private and public financing of 675 million dollars during its 2001 initial public offering. He has Genetics Ph.D. from the University of George Washington, and from the University of Maryland he holds Zoology B.S., and he serves on various private Biotechnologies as the board of director. He owns at least 15 patents and has authored 70 publications.