Securus Technologies, Taking Communications to the Next Level

Securus Technologies is a company that’s making a difference in the field of corrections. The company has over 30 years’ experience and is based in Carrollton, Texas. Being an industry leader, the company has acquired numerous companies throughout its history. Most recently are JPay and GovPayNet. Staying ahead in the industry means that Securus Technologies must also stay ahead of the curve in innovation. The recent acquisitions are helping to develop a new technology known as a Wireless Containment System. The devices are used as a cellular network; however, they block the signal to prevent a call from being connected.


WCS devices have been deemed as a necessity by correctional facility staff and executives. The problem occurs when contraband cell phones are brought into facilities. The wireless devices are brought in through a variety of methods. Visitors, employees, packages, and even drones have been used to get the devices into the hands of inmates. The problem has become so serious that an infant’s murder and many crimes have been traced back to these devices. Preventing this type of communication will inevitably make institutions safer.


Someone who can attest to the dangers of illegal inmate communications is Robert Johnson. Being a former corrections officer, his job was to confiscate contraband. Having confiscated a package of high monetary value; he was made a target of the inmate gang that was affected. He was shot in his home six times and barely made it out alive. Fortunately, Johnson was able to protect his wife from being injured. He’s made it his life’s goal to require WCS technology in facilities. He currently works with Securus Technologies as a consultant. Working to make the devices required by law, he’s dedicated to reducing violent crimes instigated by illegal wireless devices. His efforts have been highly successful, and the devices are currently being introduced into more facilities. Over a million calls and messages have already been intercepted, indicating the WCS’ extraordinary effectiveness.


While Securus Technologies’ technology has been the focus recently; the company has succeeded in customer service as well. Over 95 percent of customers report being satisfied with their experience. The Better Business Bureau has also noticed the improvements. Gaining full accreditation and an “A+” rating is yet another recent accomplishment of Securus Technologies. The company has also been able to resolve customer concerns effectively, with over 99 percent of inquiries being resolved in just one call. Despite all the recent recognition, the company remains focused on its customer’s needs. Connecting people is Securus’ specialty and remains their top priority.


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