Boraie’s Project In New Jersey

Recently, Real Estate NJ published an article entitled, “Report: New 250-unit rental project rising in Atlantic City”. This article was written by Joshua Burd and it details the new rental project that Boraie is undertaking in Atlantic City, New Jersey that is set to open in the summer.


It will be known as Known as The Beach at South Inlet.


The article goes on to say that this complex project is worth $81 million and how it is being seen as an optimistic sign of growth in the city. With casino’s closing in Atlantic City and casinos opening at a record rate in bordering states, the city has had a historic 10-year slide. In recent years, the legalization of gambling and casinos has happened notably in states like Pennsylvania and others. It will also help with housing because much of current housing stock in Atlantic City is rather dated.


Boraie is based out of New Jersey.


Boraie Development LLC. offers many services to the urban real estate market in the state of New Jersey. They have put together an expert team to move forward and see their projects through from beginning to end. They also put emphasis on having their projects finished in a timely manner for the benefit of their clients and contractors. Boraie finds meeting their deadlines to be important. You can visit their website



Boraie was founded by Omar Boraie.


Omar Boraie is also the president of Boraie Development, at this time. He founded this company in the 1970’s with the goal of rebuilding much of the New Brunswick area since it had become a downtrodden city that many people were moving out of. He proudly achieved this goal and Boraie development lives on as his legacy. He has been described as being ahead of his time and as a brilliant visionary. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms to see more.



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