Fabletics Greatness

With a revenue of well over $235 million, since its establishment in July of 2013, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics company has become a juggernaut in the very competitive fitness industry. Growing at a rapid pace, Fabletics has increased its revenue yearly by 30% to 35% with no signs of slowing down. In addition, with its headquarters located in El Segundo, California, Fabletics has not only grown to provide fashionable fitness gear locally but, in its short four-year start as a fitness company, has grown nationally with plans to grow on a global scale. With stores from Woodland Hills, California all the way to Tampa, Florida, Fabltics plans to open around 100 more stores in the next five years or so.


Needless to say, Fabletics is on its way up, if it is not already a leading company in the fitness industry. Also, Fabletics would not be where it is today if it were not for Kate Hudson and brilliant ways and, has been the main reason for Fabletics’ tremendous success. Over the short years as a company, Kate has led the way for Fabletics to receive tons of appreciation and recognition throughout the nation. With that said, to further understand how Kate Hudson and Fabletics have managed to gain the notoriety that they have in a relatively short time span, let’s recap articles by

the Huffington Post and Forbes on how Fabletics has managed to leverage the power of the people, and, how Kate Hudson has gone from almost famous To Fabletics Greatness respectively.


Fabletics the Crowd

In an article in the Huffington Post on Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Company, the article overall explains how Fabletics is leading the way on how companies should capitalize on consumer purchases. Without getting too technical on how it works, simply put, what customers buy is directly a result of the power of the crowd. Put in other words, people are looking towards online reviews and similar sources to determine what is right for them to buy, and, it is companies like Fabletics who are taking advantage of this fact and are capitalizing by taking their companies to those sources. It is one of the main reasons why Fabletics has millions of paying customers. As one can clearly see, it is tactics such as this one that Fabletics is continuing to grow.


Fabletics Greatness

In an article by Forbes also appropriately titled “Kate Hudson: From ‘Almost Famous’ To Fabletics Greatness” it goes on to explain the list of great accomplishments Kate Hudson and her company have achieved and are continuing to receive. For example, among many awards, Kate Hudson has also managed to win the athleisure brand as the best fitness brand around. That holds tons of prestige and brings respect as well. In addition, the article goes on to explain how despite receiving negative press as well, even from fellow celebrities, Kate has stayed committed to her company as a result, is why her company’s worth is well in the millions and rapidly growing.



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