Richard Blair; The Planter of the Money Tree

Once a person has made money, they basically have two options in front of them. Put in a bank and let it sit there, or invest it and watch it grow like a tree and bear fruit. And that is exactly what Wealth solutions help their clients with. Once they decide to join Wealth Solutions, they will get the help of Richard Blair, who will guide them through the jungle known as investment. He does this by creating a diverse portfolio for clients. This is done according to the needs of the individual investor. There is no, one size fits all when it comes to something like investing, and that is what Richard believes in.


Another reason why Richard Blair advises people to use an investment firm is accessibility. The fact is, an investment firm like Wealth Solutions is able to give clients access to opportunities that they would not get if they were to strike out on their own. This includes both, traditional as well as alternative options. All of this is done according to the client’s tolerance for risk. After all of this is taken into account, Richard is able to get a clearer picture and then work on a customized plan for his clients.


Even though Richard has several degrees and certifications, he does not believe in resting on his laurels. He does not take for granted that he knows everything and believes in staying sharp by continuing to educate himself. He does this by keeping up with changing laws regarding tax, real estate prices and any changes in financial regulations. Once all of this homework is done he goes straight to the point and only discusses what is important to the client. This is done with minimal amount of distractions such as quotas to meet etc.


Richard Blair Founded Wealth Solutions in Austin, Texas back in 1994 after graduating from college. Interestingly, he does not come from an investment or finance related background. His family members consisted mostly of teachers and educators. What he noticed through them is the power of education and what it can do to help people achieve their goals. He combined this sensibility along with his aptitude for finance and decided to start his own investment firm. He has helped a lot of people retire with confidence by helping them manage their assets to best suit their needs. Learn more:


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