New Production Lines at OSI Group in Spain

From its establishment in the early 20th century in Chicago as a mere butcher shop owned by a German immigrant to expansion in 2018 as the 58th leading United States privately owned companies according to Forbes – It is fair to say that OSI Food Solutions has come far! OSI Group (back then known as Otto and Sons), received its first major break when McDonald’s acquired the production house for the manufacture of its signature patties. This was back in the middle to the late 20th century. Today, OSI Group chiefly produces McDonald’s hamburgers and beef patties worldwide.

From Chicago to all over the world, along with establishments in China, India, Japan, Germany, Italy, and various other countries; OSI Group also has establishments in Toledo, Spain. Recently, the company has introduced a new line of products to increase its chicken production capacity to 24,000 tons (as compared to its production of 12,000 tons in the previous year).

This doubling of production has not only increased the company’s overall production of various meats, including but not limited to chicken, to 45,000 tons but has also created the need for twenty new posts. The need for doubling the production became prominent when the Managing Director, Jose Maria del Rio, noted that compared to a previous steady rate of increased chicken consumption in Spain of six percent, in recent years that figure had shifted to eight percent.

A 22,600 square feet building has been established at the company’s branch in Spain to accommodate this new production line. This building includes supply storage, workers lounge, a product development kitchen and refrigerated rooms for waste container storage.

From its humble beginnings, OSI Group has grown into a company which is worth a calculated 6.1 billion dollars today. The company employs over twenty thousand workers worldwide in their sixty-five production houses in over seventeen countries.

The company has received numerous accolades and recognition for its services and policies. To name one, OSI’s CEO, Sheldon Lavin, was awarded the Global Visionary Award in India in 2018 crediting the company’s substantial development and continuing growth.

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Jose Auriemo Neto Has Led to the Growth of the Brazilian Fashion Industry

The growth of any business always influences the economy of the country positively. For instance, a real estate firm such as JHSF has contributed greatly to the growth of the Brazilian economy. Since the company develops commercial and residential properties that are uniquely designed, the corporation has always been a step ahead of its competitors. Thanks to the excellent leadership by Jose Auriemo Neto who is an executive within the company, JHSF is set to grow further. Recently, Jose Auriemo Neto was accorded the honor of being among the 500 people who have influenced the growth of the fashion industry.

Throughout the years, JHSF has developed numerous properties in the form of assets that can produce recurring income such as shopping malls and airports. JHSF has also been developing properties in areas such as the United States and Uruguay. JHSF was formed after the partnership between Jose Auriemo and Fabio went sour. Although the original company dealt with construction, Fabio Auriemo took over JHSF and ventured into the real estate industry. His son, Jose Auriemo Neto would then become an executive within the family-owned enterprise.

Jose Auriemo Neto who is also known as Zeco Auriemo has strived to ensure that JHSF becomes the leading real estate company in Brazil. By ensuring that JHSF develops quality forms of property, Jose Auriemo Neto has done a great job in ensuring that the company has a positive portfolio. Jose Neto has also had the privilege of working together with other renowned project managers. His leadership and guidance has also influenced the profound growth of JHSF. Under the reign of Jose Auriemo Neto, JHSF was able to develop properties such as the Cidade Jardim mall.

A mall is bound to attract investors who will rent stalls to showcase their merchandise. The Cidade Jardim mall attracted investors from all over Brazil and other countries. Many fashion brands expressed their interest in showcasing their products at the Cidade Jardim mall, and they were able to sign a partnership with Jose Auriemo Neto. Hermes, Pucci, Rene Caovilla were among those brands. Attracting such brands led to the growth of the Brazil fashion industry and Jose Auriemo Neto’s efforts had to be recognized by the Business of Fashion.

Who Is Igor Cornelsen?

Igor Cornelson was born in the city of Curitiba, Brazil. He was the son of an engineer. After graduating high school, he was off to the Federal University of Parana. The university is considered one of Brazil’s best engineering schools. At the time that Cornelsen went to college, young adults did not have much say in what they studied. If they were expecting financial assistance from their parents, they studied what their parents told them to study. Cornelsen did study engineering for two years and decided that it was not for him. This is when his second major, economic, became his primary interest of study. Though, the math he did learn while studying engineering, did come in handy throughout the years.

After finishing his degree, we went straight to work in the banking industry. Calculators were not widely used at this time, and Cornelsen was able to work out complicated calculations by hand. Things like figuring out interest came naturally to him. He was employed by an investment banking firm, and next on his resume was a board position at Multibanco and then the company’s CEO. His stay there was rather brief thanks to a buyout by Bank of America. He spent time at an engineering firm and over the years is resume and experience continued to grow.

In 1995, Cornelsen started his own investment company. He enjoys giving others advice and with all of his experience, he made a great investment manager. He has since retired to Florida, but that has not slowed him down. He is still willing to talk about investments to anyone who is willing to listen. He will especially talk about all the investment opportunities that there are in his home country of Brazil. He believes that there is no magic trick to becoming a successful investor. It is all about finding the best markets for your money.

How Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade’s CAOA is shaping the Brazilian Auto Industry

Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade was named the Executive of the Year for the 2019 Car of the Year award. This award was conferred by Brazil’s Autoesporte. Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade is the founder of the Brazilian car manufacturer and marketer CAOA. Dr. Carlos started his career in the auto industry back in 1979. It happened that he had ordered a Ford Laundau in Paraiba. The dealership went bankrupt before Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade had the chance to pick his car.

As compensation for his missed car, the dealership offered Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade a managerial position. Out of working at the dealership, he saw the opportunity to start his own company, CAOA. Six years later, the medical doctor turned business guru became the largest dealer of Ford car brand in Brazil. A few years later, CAOA became Renault’s official importer in Brazil. Later, he was later named representative Brazil’s representative of Hyundai and built an industrial unit for the same in Goiás. In 2012, he was named Hyundai’s “Distributor of the Year”.

Apart from being the founder of CAOA, Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade is also the conglomerate’s chairman of the Board of Directors. Last year, CAOA spent more than $60 million to purchase a 51% stake in Chery making it the largest shareholder of this Chine car company in Brazil. The acquisition of the company and its plant in Jacarei, Sao Paulo is an indication of its intent to aggressively expand its operations and launch new models.

CAOA is currently the bestseller of Chery’s Tiggo2. The Tiggo line is expected to bring in more additions. For instance, the sales of Tiggo 5X and Arrizo 5 is expected to start soon and their production will be done in Brazil. The two brand models are a manifestation of style, mechanics, and equipment that will debut a 1.5 turbo engine in CAOA’s Chery line.

In addition to the two models, CAOA has confirmed that in the near future it will start the manufacturing of Tiggo 7 model. It will also launch Tiggo 8 model marking the production of its first SUV for 7 people in the market. The simultaneous introduction of two models in the market is a testimony to Chery CAOA in the Brazilian auto market.

CAOA’s best year as the Brazilian car importer was in 2011 which was characterized by the sale of 89053 units. The year also saw the company produce its largest number of cars and trucks at 38635 units.

How Has Robert Ivy Contributed To The Spread Of Global Architectural Awareness?

Robert Ivy has dedicated his life to spreading awareness about architecture, locally and internationally. This has seen him receive recognition and awards from different architectural and non-architectural institutions like the Mississippi Institute of arts and letters that recently awarded him with the prestigious lifetime award. But what has been his contributions towards this course?

Authorship and publication
In 2001, Robert Ivy published Fay Jones: Architect. The authoritative biography follows the works of one of the most successful American architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, showcasing his famous designs and other contributions to the industry. The masterpiece that is now in its third publication has received global readership and praise with the Art Library of North America recognizing it time and again for its “Highest standards of scholarship, design, and production.”

Robert is also considered one of the greatest architectural publishers and editors. He started off as the Editor-In-Chief of McGraw-Hill architectural journal. His leadership skills would help the Architectural Record, a journal by McGraw Hill become the most read architectural publication in the world. He also ensured that it reached different markets across the world, including China by pioneering its translation into the leading international languages like Mandarin.

Leading American Institute of Architecture
In 2011, Robert Ivy was appointed the Chief Executive Officer and board chairman for the American Institute of Architecture (AIA). His leading contributions at the institute include boating its membership across the country and opening up more local chapters. For instance, the institute has achieved record membership since its establishment over 100 years ago.

Robert Ivy’s contributions to architecture have not gone unnoticed. He is constantly receiving awards and recognition from both local and international institutions for his leadership and dedication to architecture. For instance, the Alpha Rio Chi architectural fraternity considers him a Master Architect for his “effectiveness in communicating the value of design.” He also holds the Crain Award, the highest form of recognition to an individual by the American Business Media.

Bottom line
Having been actively involved in the architectural industry for the past three decades, Robert Ivy’s name will forever be arched in the books of history for his leadership and dedication to the art. His contribution as an author, publisher, business leader, and practicing architect continue to inspire many upcoming architects across the world.

How OSI Food Solutions has Successfully Operated its Business for over 100 Years

Brief Background Information about OSI Food Solutions

Headquartered in Illinois, the United States, the OSI Food Solutions was started as a family business in 1909 by a German immigrant who then passed it on to his sons. Today, the business tops as one of the leading meat processing company in the international markets due to their affordable, valuable, and quality foods that it has supplied over the decades. Notably, the secret behind the company’s success over the years has been its consistent customer-focused approach on product and service delivery that has enabled OSI to be still operational up to now. Besides, OSI leverages on customized meat development and supplies before the distribution to the various food restaurants and leading food brands.

About the OSI Food Solutions’ Careers

The OSI Food Company values its workforce as they OSI believe that it is through its employee’s hard work that the business has grown for the past 10 decades to what it is today. Also, the company, which has over 65 facilities in 17 countries in three of the world’s continents, has over 200,000 employees who are dedicated to achieving the customer’s satisfaction. OSI also prides itself with its super- employees who have so far placed the company on great heights as it was selected among the 100 American top Food Companies with the highest standards. It is again as a result of the talented employees that the company has been able to form innovative ideas and solutions on the products, which have helped them set their products a notch higher as compared to other brands.

One of the Major Business Accomplishments by the OSI Company

With the company’s smooth running, the OSI Food Solutions has in the recent past been recognized by the British Safety Council. The business was awarded “Globe of Honour” award in 2016 as they showed great management skills in the environment sector. They were again accorded the award during the luncheon that took place at the Draper’s Hall on November 25, 2016, in the city of London. Equally important, the “Globe of Honour” award is given to the organizations that voluntarily show responsibility to the environmental care in which OSI was among the top 18 companies in the globe. Additionally, as one of Americas top 100 food companies, OSI not only serves their customers but partners with them to provide them with customized food services where an example is on how the pack the products

Leadership in OSI Group

OSI industries have grown to become one of the most prominent food companies in the world. The firm was only serving the local market initially. However, wise choice of leadership has led to the growth of the company. With Sheldon Lavin as the CEO and David McDonald as the President, the firm has a chance to grow even bigger.There are many best business strategies that the two have come up with to make the firm a success. To start with, they have created teamwork among their employees. Sheldon says that they have lunch together as a group and they try to make it as casual as possible. He gives an example saying that during the meals they don’t use formal names. This makes it possible for them to bond as a family.

David McDonald says that they also avoid micromanaging their employees. After allocating them with the resources they need, they let them serve the clients without checking on them every minute. McDonald says that although perfection is key, it is essential that they leave a room for mistakes to accommodate innovation and creativity.The customers are also a part of the OSI family. OSI Group values the input and feedback of their clients. When a customer proposes an addition in the menu, they find a way to fix it. They also pay attention to their complaints to see they rectify and give them the best food service there is to offer.

OSI main focus is to see that the food products they sell to their consumers are healthy for them and their families. Luckily, they are the main supplies of many restaurants and supermarkets meaning even the consumers who do not care knowing who provides their food are safe. OSI Group is cautious about the lifestyle and methods used to raise the animals to ensure they are suitable for consumption.The OSI Group fraternity is looking forward to the future and the changes it will bring. David McDonald says that in OSI believe that change for efficiency. They are not rigid to shift when they discover any valuable new technology. As long as it serves the clients, it is perfect for them.

Carlos Alberto De Oliveira Andrade Builds The Largest Automobile Company In Latin America

In the last few decades, CAOA has evolved into the most dominant company in the automobiles industry in Brazil and Latin America. It started off by acquiring dealership rights for different international brands such as South Korea’s Hyundai Motor Company before venturing into car manufacturing. Today, it commands authority in the sector has gained recognition by Good doer Company by IstoÉ Dinheiro magazine and Carta Capital magazine that have time and again referred to it as the Most Admired company in the country.

History of CAOA and Dr. Carlos

In 1979, Dr.Carlos, an experienced medical doctor, ordered a Ford Landau from the Ford Dealership in Campina Grande. Little did he know the company was just about to file for bankruptcy and it went under before delivering his prepaid order. He had to face one of the biggest challenges facing the Brazilian automobile industry at the time, poor management.

Determined to still get value for his money, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade decided to go after the entire dealership. He proposed that the bankrupt company be passed down to him as compensation for the financial losses suffered.

Consequently, he was granted all the rights and took over the Ford dealership under the name CAOA. Since then, his business acumen ensured that CAOA only became bigger and more successful by the day.

Raising the car dealer from the ground

In the years that followed, luck would swing in CAOA’s favor, particularly in 1992 when the Brazilian government allowed imported vehicles in the Brazilian market. CAOA acquired exclusive rights as the importers of the French brand, Renault. This boosted CAOA’s sales making the automobile company the first in sales.

Japenese Subaru followed six years later in 1998 as CAOA became the leading importer of the brand. In tandem, Hyundai followed in 1998 when CAOA acquired importing rights effectively competing out two other distributors already present in Brazil.

Decades later, CAOA is still the largest Ford dealership in Latin America and established a Hyundai plant in Agribusiness District of Anápolis (DAIA) of Brazil. The Hyundai CAOA Automobile Plant was built in 2007 at a cost of USD$600 million that Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade paid for from his own pocket. Dr. Carlos says this was a lifelong dream and he is glad to have achieved it

How Kevin Seawright Became A Leader In The Baltimore Community?

An expert in managing the finances of municipalities and companies, Kevin Seawright is now using this knowledge to help first-time homebuyers in Baltimore who have faced challenges qualifying for a mortgage. He established RPS Solutions LLC which buys homes, renovates them, and sells them for affordable prices to people who want to own their first home.

He was a public finance leader for the city of Baltimore for over a decade. He began is his career in public service by working for the parks and recreation department. He worked to improve the quality of the city’s parks while deftly managing his department’s finances. He also managed the finances of the Baltimore public school system later in his career which included improving the district’s bussing and providing additional resources to school administrators. Find out more about Kevin at Market Insider.

He left public service and joined Washington D.C.’s Tito Contractors. He managed the multimillion-dollar budget that was used to build several housing projects. Kevin Seawright also worked for the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation as the CFO and V.P. where he successfully raised funds to build housing developments.

In May 2018, he was able to partner RPS Solutions with the National Community Stabilization Trust (NCST). This partnership is designed to accelerate the pace of low and middle-income people being able to buy homes in Baltimore. RPS Solutions can buy available residential properties in Baltimore before they are made available to purchases by the general public. These are homes that had been foreclosed on and vacant for an extended length of time.

Kevin Seawright has given back to the community of Baltimore in other ways as well. For Christmas 2017 he led a toy drive at the Christ Haven Pentecostal Church which also featured a luncheon free to the public. He brightened up the holidays for many families by providing gifts to children who otherwise might not have received any.

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Peter Briger Is On The Forbes Billionaire List

Peter Briger is a man of many talents when it comes to the financial industry. This industry veteran built up his financial knowledge and leadership skills at various universities, including Pennsylvania University and the prestigious Princeton University. Peter has a knack for unique strategies when it comes to investing, which has earned him a valuable reputation in the industry as well as a large fortune that he has built up over the years. Peter has more than 20 years of experience working in the financial industry, both in banking and investing. Today, Peter calls home to Fortress Investment Group, but throughout his career, he has worked at corporations such as Spearhead, Linktone, and Goldman Sachs. Peter Briger worked for Goldman Sachs for more than 15 years, expertise to lead Fortress to even greater levels of success.

Fortress Investment Group appointed Peter Briger as the Chief Executive Officer in 2017, the very same year that the company was bought by SoftBank Corporation for 3.3 billion dollars. Despite the transition, Peter was able to keep his position as was most of the management in order to maintain the integrity of the company’s business strategy and partnerships. Before taking up a position as CEO, Peter Briger was the head of Fortress Investment’s private equity and real estate departments, which made up a large part of the companies profits every year. Peter Briger Jr: Fortress Investment Group’s King of Debt

Peter has been tremendously successful through his position at Fortress, building his net worth to more than 2 billion dollars, placing him on the Forbes list of Billionaires at number 317. To this day, Peter has used his connections and financial success to get involved with the community in a positive way, mostly through charitable contributions. He has also taken up a position at a non-profit organizations known as the Tipping Point Community.

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